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We will start off this article with a couple of quotes: “Organisations that implement regular performance feedback have 15% lower turnover rates than those that don’t.” “69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized.” “78% of employees said being recognized motivates them in their job.” The quotes […]

In the May and June 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review. There are a couple of feedbacks from readers that we found particularly interesting and would like to highlight it to our readers. The feedback is under “Interaction” on page 16 on the issue, Spencer Davis remarked that "As the authors explain,…They cite one manager […]

Introduction: The objective of a selection interview is to establish the extent to which a candidate is suitable for a job. This means finding out how well a candidate’s level of knowledge, skills and attributes fit the requirement for the job. Selection interviewing is a skilled process, unfortunately, many practitioners and hiring managers over-estimated their […]

The benefits of a HR Information System An HR information system, HRIS, is a computer based system for the management of administration of HR processes. The key objectives of a HRIS are the following: 1. Efficiency 2. Service delivery 3. Strategic orientation 4. Process empowerment 5. Standardization of processes For many HR practitioners the top […]

We will like to recommend our readers this great article by Harvard Business Review. The article talks about provision of good customer service. However, to us at Alchemy a more important point is finding the right candidate for your role! Kick- Ass Customer Service By Matthew Dixon, Lara Ponomareff, Scott Turner and Rick DeLisi Source: […]

Staff retention begins the minute new hires. HR responsible to familiarize new employees with your firm’s internal policies and procedures. Create an employee handbook that states policies applying to everyone in the company and where appropriate a separate manual that documents how people should perform their jobs. (Provide HR manual to new staff). Onboarding strategies […]

Recruitment is one of the most popular position among HR professional. However, this is more than hanging out “HELP WANTED” card and sign up anyone that come through the door. A well thought out and structured process is required. However, this usually conflict with the short time line given to look for a position. Therefore, […]