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Making HR Better

Finding Value with Human Resources Consulting

Malaysia is a country blessed with hard-working employees and associations, both governmental and educational, who back the growth of the human resources department. Despite the growing emphasis on developing solid relationships with the employees, does your company feel like something is missing? Human resources often times forgets that it is dealing with humans, which is where consultation comes in. Together, an outsourced consultancy can work with your HR department and create a more productive work environment.

A Look At Statistics

An alarming statistic was released a while back about a disconnect occurring between HR department and employees in 2014. The rift was revisited in 2016 to see if the issues have been clarified, but it appears HR in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries continues to miss the mark. The study was conducted by Mercer Marsh Benefits (properly titled 2016 Benefits Under the Lens Survey) and took responses from 654 organizations from 12 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Malaysian organisations stated that 63% of the employers reported the offered benefits supporting business goals. However, only 13% claimed employees appreciated those benefits. Second, 91% of Malaysian employers planned their benefits without a defined strategy. Also, that same 91% admitted to using only market benchmark data in designing company benefit programmes.

Lastly, Malaysian data showed that 52% of employers only communicate about benefits to their employees sometimes only once a year. Others never spoke about benefits. These numbers should be startling. It proves that companies have yet to pick up the most important factor - communication. Employees value having discussions about their life in and out of work, so if the company overlooks that, the staff will feel completely undervalued.

How HR Consultancy Works

HR Consulting Firms

So you may be thinking, how can employee satisfaction be increased and the company's wellness be bolstered? Your company needs a solid, educated and professional Human Resources consultancy to aid in the tasks that keep your employees aspiring towards their career goals. This means that instead of working internally, the consultancy can see the operations from an outsourced perspective.

From there, specialized goals will be made to bring in-depth expertise and knowledge where it matters most. As you may already know, HR deals with the following:

  • Recruitment and Termination - formulating the hiring and firing process
  • Employee Training and Development - orientation, continuing education, and so on
  • Benefits and Compensation - such as health care, social security, insurance, holidays, sick days, and bereavement or funeral leave
  • Health and Safety - developing handbooks and establishing rules
  • Legal Compliance - behaving in accordance to the labour laws set forth by the Employment Act of 1955, the Children and Young Persons Act of 1966, Factories and Machinery Act 1967, the Employment Restriction Act of 1968, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1994, Minimum Wages Order 2016, and more. 

HR Consulting takes these usual objectives of the Human Resource department and does them a little differently. Organizations may choose to allow an outside HR consultancy to work alongside their existing HR department to help streamline operations and provide advice on increasing productivity. In order words, HR consulting is similar to management consulting.

Improve Your Business With HR Consultancy

Determining Goals

Regardless of your industry, if you have a business with employees, you and those working alongside you in any role have goals - and not just for the business either. Still, every business has needs that vary. This is where a highly specialized group of HR consultants can be of service. By bringing in a consultant, they can determine which programmes your business should have and how to get them started. From there, the human resources consultant can then improve on what is already in place, in accordance to you and your employees' needs.

Finding Strengths and Weaknesses with HR Consultancy Services

The statistics mentioned earlier prove that many businesses in Malaysia have a common weakness: a lack of communication with their employees. HR consulting firms like Alchemy Resources strive to close the gap between the administration and the workers by investigating which policies are working and what is not. See, there is a common underestimation of doing something the same way forever just because has worked up until this point.

Humans Resources is all about adapting to the employment trends and attitudes of the employee. That is one advantage of bringing in an outsourced HR consultant. Alchemy Resources as one of the leading human resource consulting firms in Malaysia have the latest and greatest knowledge of business practices and policies from international sources. As HR consultants review the strengths and weaknesses, they can bring your business' efficiencies to the forefront and also recommend on what can be approved upon. They can suggest payroll solutions, like software, reporting, data management, and cataloguing. The HR consultancy services include analyzing any duplication in steps, too.

Better HR Better ROI

Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Motivation with HR Services

Once you and the HR staff you already had know which processes are most efficient and which ones to shave off, you will be amazed how much time is saved. In that light, your HR department can learn how to devote more attention to their core objectives, such as hiring talent, developing policies and code, and forming benefits packages that actually help employees. Remember, when any department is tied up doing extraneous work, not only does it decrease their productivity and motivation, but it costs the company more money.

Here is another way HR consultants minimize costs: by teaching how to properly recruit candidates. Even if you are attempting to hire wonderful talent but have people repeatedly declining the offer, there may be something in the policy or benefits package that is turning them away. This repeated hiring process drains money. So let a trusted HR consultant have a look at both to find what the problem could be.

The Right HR The Right Results

Final Thoughts on HR outsourcing

One thing should be obvious: that employees need to feel valued in order for your business to have value. That holds truth no matter where you are in the world. Having a talent recruitment agency working alongside of you is thus a tremendous boon. Whether you are a large corporation trying to expand or a small start-up just beginning to see major growth, adopting a new payroll system, or simply need to aid setting up benefits policies, Alchemy Resources can be of assistance.

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