Are You Looking For Payroll Outsourcing?

Many of our SME clients face the same business issues. Business owners are constantly looking at ways to improve top line and margins, at the same time many face a lack of resources in certain departments like HR, accounts and attraction of human capital. This distract them from the important work of growing their business!

Our solution target at providing key areas in payroll and absenteeism management so that business owners can focus on improving their operation and grow revenue. Our solutions meet statutory requirement and does not require owners to come up with upfront cash to buy expensive software.

Our basic payroll service is price at less than RM100 per staff per month and include subscription of a cloud based HR software. This free up your resources and allow business owners to put their valuable resources to use at other critical area.

Learn how payroll outsourcing services can help your business today with the case study below.

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How Does Outsourcing Help Our Client Manage Payroll?

A small finance company operation manager was looking to reduce her work load especially during payroll period, and approached Alchemy to see if payroll outsourcing services could help to achieve this.

The company has limited resources to operate adequate HR and accounting department to manage their HR and payroll effectively.

To ensure payroll are administered on a timely manner, the operation manager has to set aside time to process payroll using manual methods. This method is prone to human error and may be not compliant to statutory requirements as the manager is not up to date with the requirements.

Alchemy studied their process and propose a simple but cost effective payroll services solution.

Alchemy took over the payroll administration and free up the manager’s time to focus on other area in the office.

Alchemy provide a cloud based HR software to the company. This allows staffs to submit claims and manage their leaves. On the back end, Alchemy run the company payroll on a timely manner and ensure statutory compliant.

The payroll services fee we charged is less than RM100 per month per staffs (depend on service level). This amount to less than RM2000 for the company with a team of 20 staffs.

Alchemy effectively create values to our client operation by:

  • Reducing overall cost structure.
  • Ensure accurate payroll on a timely manner.
  • Ensure up to date statutory requirement.
How do we achieve it?

Alchemy is able to deliver on these values because:

  • We can leverage on our internal resources so that we can deliver a low cost solution to our clients.
  • We focus on industrial best practise to ensure payroll are run accurately and effectively.
  • Our expertise in payroll and constant interaction with the statutory bodies ensure we are up to date with the requirements.

The payroll outsourcing is simple to implement because there is no need to set up a complicated payroll management system in the office. Alchemy will set up the system for our clients and train the staffs to operate the simple software interface.

Payroll and HR Services for Small Businesses

This is truthfully a case study of how simple yet effective payroll outsourcing and payroll services can help businesses focus on their important core activities. Our payroll and HR services for small business are suitable for industries.

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