Performance Evaluation, Performance Management


Have your company achieved the goals as planned?

Have you gotten off track?

It’s good to review the goals you and your company set at the beginning of the year. Take time to have a short meeting with your respective leader and management to review the business plan and the set goals.

Here are the 5 steps to stay on track to achieve the SMARTER goals.

Step 1: Review goals

Is the effort strong enough to reach the goal?

Does the employee implement enough effort to reaching the goal?

In this case, by nature, it will take a long time to achieve some goals. It is important to review again among the team members from time to time to make sure it’s on track and aligned with set goals.

Step 2: Measure goal progress

Does the current measurement indicate that the goals set are behind schedule?

If it shows that the goal is behind schedule or not aligned, identify the problem areas and create a solution to fix it accordingly. The goals you set need to be measurable to monitor the progress.

Step 3: Set up a method to effectively track organizational goals

Create a plan to regularly review the goal progression and the areas of issues.

There are several ways to review:

–  Set a regular meeting schedule to review the goal setting and make it a part of the daily routine to remind

of the goal-targeted dateline.

At Alchemy Resources, we practice weekly check-in by implement using MOMI Apps or Trello.

This weekly session with an employee will help the company to achieve these 3 steps:

i) To set expectation and priorities (review expertise/strength)

ii) Comment on work (opportunity to work on triggers)

iii) Spend time to coach (identify learning style)

–       Break a big goal into a small step and distribute it among the team members.

–       Trace the amount of time you spent on each goal. This will help to set smarter goals in the future.

Step 4: Review resources

Do your employees have adequate resources to achieve the goals?

If lack of resources will cause to hold back from achieving the smarter goals. Identify necessary resources and provide them to the employees and organization to ensure SMARTER goals can be achieved. With adequate resources, one can periodically assess progress and steps in to provide assistance where needed”

Step 5: Praise progress

Keep motivating your employees by rewarding them for achieving the targeted goals, even its partially achieved. Communicate progress toward achieving those goals and praise employees for their achievements.

At Alchemy Resources, we practice 2 Types of triggers to drive employee’s performance:

Rewards that drive Employee’s Performance

1. Intrinsic Reward:

  • Physiological Rewards such as Recognition, taking pride in the job and a sense of responsibility to perform well.
  • Recognizing an individual work and praising him will trigger him to better performance.
  • However, it is important to understand from whom he values?

2. Extrinsic Reward:

  • Rewarding employees for their achievements will trigger them to achieve the monthly or yearly target and strive for more, be it with money or gifts.

In summary, writing the goals is like drawing the map, and reviewing the goals is like referencing the map. The better the map and the more often it’s checked, the quicker you will reach your desired destination.

At Alchemy Resources being an approved HRDF training provider, we have developed a course that helps managers and supervisors to keep track of goals and drive performance for the future. The course is titled Essential Qualities of Great Leaders, EQGL. Contact us to find out more on how we may work together in driving performance and achieving goals through strategic objectives to improve your company’s performance.