Recruitment Strategically

Recruitment Strategically

Recruitment is one of the most popular position among HR professional. However, this is more than hanging out “HELP WANTED” card and sign up anyone that come through the door.

A well thought out and structured process is required. However, this usually conflict with the short time line given to look for a position. Therefore, a good balance approach is required otherwise it will be a terrible waste of time and rescources.

1. Develop an overall job profile for all position for the company. This will ensure all job are well defined and employees are properly trained for each job.

2. This ensure the company put current employees in the right places for the important position.

3. Once the critical position are filled, additional employees with the skills & abilities can be added to achieve the company short- and long-term business objectives.

4. Start the recruitment process with a well-crafted job description. Do not play down the importance of this especially for SME where the ability to attract talent is less as compared to a well-known MNC.

5. Look for the appropriate media to advertise your job. Sometime, a simple listing on company is require. However, with the popularity of social media Linked In and Facebook role in this area is increasing.

6. Shorting Listing, this is a time consuming and laborious work. However, it is absolutely necessary. That is why, it is sometime helpful to engage the service of recruiter like Alchemy to do that to increase the productivity of the search.

Once, you have come up with the short list the next process is interview. This is an interesting area and we will talk more about the art of interviewing in the future posting.