April, Performance Management


During this pandemic Covid-19 many companies are facing with set of new challenges by working from home remotely. This is the time for us to shift our thinking from challenge mode to opportunity mode. Many companies dream of a time when the daily tasks of our typical workdays calm down a little so their teams can focus on longer term, bigger picture projects. This is that time to think big, think creatively, and think in all directions. Here are the tips on how to make sure your team working remotely with less stress.

The Time To Over-Communicate

Communication during work from home can’t easily happen as spontaneously as how it does when people are sitting next to each other at work but now is a time when communication needs to be ramped up whether casual chats or work related discussions. The sudden move from the workplace to a home space can take an emotional toll on people when they no longer have the social contact with work friends and colleagues. Over communication is necessary to keep the team productive and focus with less stress.

Get the team together virtually

Getting your team together is equally as important. By having virtual meetings with the team and get everyone together can be easy way to motivate teams and make them feel connected. If ever there was a meeting to be on video this would be it. Make it fun maybe have a “coffee date” a couple times a week in the morning, create a themed day, or celebrate a birthday. While small a little fun can go a long way.

Share some at-home activities

With many gyms and businesses closing they are now offering virtual options. Make it a habit to share both subscription and free workout classes or cooking classes, favourite books or games with your employees or colleagues. This can be a great way to less the stress and engage in something while at home.



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