April, Performance Management


With countries accounting for more than half of global is in lock down the collapse of commercial activity is unprecedented. During the crisis, most companies will inadvertently let down some of their most important customers. While personal journeys and relationships with individual companies will differ, the pandemic will result in some changes. After taking temporary measures and expedients to continue operating during the pandemic, companies must now develop plans for what happens after COVID-19.

Company culture and the team factor 

A crisis can push people apart, with individuals distrusting one another and predominantly looking after themselves. The decision to retain all or most of your employees can bring them together and generate a collective spirit of endurance during the pandemic. How prepared the company to deal with the cultural apart? The answer will be on the achievement of your company after the pandemic.

Conduct your financial analysis

How prepared was your organization to deal with the crisis? Work with your finance team or accountant to compare expected cash flow with the loaded cost of paying salaries and benefits for your team. Run best and worst-case scenarios for the coming months, plugging in a range of moderate to aggressive percentages for wage cuts.

Plans and projects

Are you ready and able to accomplish the projects you have outlined? Plan and execute new initiatives and projects that you could not do in the past or that you have to develop for the new normal. Prioritize and coordinate new initiatives that will future proof the organization and take advantage of the ability of a team that allows you to take a long view and plan long-term scenarios.

Customer service and loyalty

Clients will remember the companies that reached out in meaningful ways during the pandemic so keep employees in place to continue servicing them. By pushing faster response in times can reduce the risk of losing clients. Well trained staffs to help guide the customers. Revisiting the lost of customer profiles.