April, Performance Management


During this pandemic time, it’s very clear that people are frightened and businesses are preparing for down-side scenarios. This Covid-19 is an option to observed on how good and bad the leadership on managing the team. The leader’s primary responsibility is to keep the team safe, cohesive and productive. This is the time for leaders to step up and help people manage their own fears and panic and thrive as best as they can. Resilient leaders may be the last defense in holding the line on business goals as well as the safety and well-being of their employees.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

This Covid-19 become as a “future threat” where its driving the global to live in this extreme state of uncertainty. However, as leaders in the organization, you set the tone. As a leader be updated with the situation but keep your panic in private. It will help confine your worries to appropriate times and places without risking the morale of your people. In this time the leaders try to provide the accurate and up to date information to the team with include some positive vibes of message. The positive message can be very helpful especially for the employees who working remotely during this pandemic time.

Be Honest, Empathetic, Clear And Simple

Communicating well includes not being a victim of panic or hype and laying out clear actions for what to do and when. It is so important and because we live in an era of rapid dissemination of information that is of questionable veracity, from multiple sources. Your people want to hear that you have a plan in place. Determine the steps before you share them, and make sure they are ones you can deliver on.

Empower Your Team

The most important thing encourage, empowerment, and self-care. Make tools to help your team stay flexible, out of danger, and encourage a sense of teamwork and collaboration, even if quarantined or working remotely for a prolonged period. In these times of uncertainty of the future the team mighty forget or ignore the most fundamental self-care. As a leader remind your team to take care and make adjustments to work out at home. The situation facing now may not able to control the outcome but can control the response to it.